Factory Lead Certification

The EICC Factory Lead Certification Program is a training and certification program for factory staff.

Factory Lead Certification

This certification is intended for the individual at a factory responsible for implementing EICC requirements. It is a professional designation to help EICC members, their supply chain partners, and other interested parties ensure understanding of common standards and supply chain issues. The core curriculum can be taken online in the EICC Learning Academy. 

By achieving the EICC Factory Lead designation, participants will have a solid understanding of:

  1. The EICC Code of Conduct and how to apply it in factories
  2. Supply Chain Responsibility and Management
  3. Industry Standards
  4. Elements of an effective Worker Communication Program
  5. Effective Management Systems
  6. Ensuring Health and Safety
  7. Understanding Chemical Management
  8. Improving Working Conditions
  9. Recognizing Forced Labor
  10. EICC Validated Assessment Process (VAP) and Corrective Action Plan (CAP) Management

For more information, including an outline of the program, FAQs and the application, click here. Please contact training@eiccoalition.org with any additional questions.